Friday, October 8, 2010

Start the countdown...

So, at my day 3 blood work and ultrasound appointment earlier this week one of my doctors actually popped in for a little chat which at first got me nervous because that is unusual, but it ended up being good news! He said that he doesn't see any reason why I can't get pregnant and stay pregnant and that he thinks I should be pregnant in 4 cycles max! I was so surprised that he would make such a definitive statement like that because there is always the chance that even though there is truly nothing wrong with either me or my husband, we still won't conceive. My doctor then continued on to say that he doesn't feel that we would even get to this point but if I'm not pregnant in 4 cycles then we would move on to a very low dose of the injectable hormones and continue with the IUI. He also said that he was confident that I wouldn't require any surgeries or anything, aka IVF.

Thanks to my doctors vote of confidence I have feeling pretty amazing lately! I feel like we have a time line and and that in 4 months, I WILL BE PREGNANT! Start the countdown to motherhood because HERE I COME!


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! That is such a wonderful ray of hope! Completely refuels you at the "empty" point! My Dr. (once we started injectalbes, which sounds like you will not even need) said, I promise you will be pregnant in 3 months, and there is no reason at all you should not be. And it happened the first month! So believe them when they say that...they are like some magical fertility Gods with crystal balls!! I am excited for you!! I will count down with you! Oh, and I am waiting til after my 8 week ultrasound Mon. to do what we had discussed, just my nervous way of not jinxing myself,hope that is ok!

Kay Bee said...

It IS such a wonderful ray of hope! Perfect words! And I think your plan sounds perfect as well! :)

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