Monday, October 4, 2010

Start up another cycle...

I got my period on Saturday morning...kind of a bummer but I'm doing fine with it. Now we just start another cycle and hopefully this month I'll get a couple extra follicles to give us a better shot. I am finding that the urine pregnancy tests have been pretty reliable for me, well they are always negative but they are always correct! I always feel some light cramping a day or two before I get my period and couple that with a negative test result, I can feel pretty confident that I am not pregnant. So I am thinking of bagging the pregnancy blood test at the end of the month. I am just feeling like a pin cushion.

I will of course have to check with the nurses to see if there is any reason why I need to have that last blood test at the end of the month, I'm not sure if it is solely to find out if I'm pregnant or if there are other hormone levels they are still monitoring or something. Apparently my veins have a tendency to "roll," which means that frequently the nurse will stick me and then have to keep jabbing around in my arm to get the needle into my vein, it is terrible and it leaves a huge bruise. Not good. It most often happens with my left arm so I've stopped offering my left arm up to slaughter and I've just been having my blood taken from my right arm. But now my right arm is taking on all the abuse. Long story short it would be lovely to have one less blood test every month!

Oh and PS: I had another really easy (well easy to compared to what I used to have) period this month again! Some cramping yesterday and the day before that taking a regular does of ibuprofen took care of. I'm finally having a normal period and I am SO thankful for that!


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