Thursday, September 16, 2010

Big news...

Okay everybody, tomorrow is the big day! Tomorrow at 8:30 am I will be getting our first try at IUI! I know I haven't been updating you all very well as of late but there hasn't been much that has changed in a while fertility wise and my husband and I also made the life changing purchase of a 9 week old puppy so I've been a little distracted lately! I certainly would not recommend a puppy to everyone struggling with infertility, but after our old dog passed away it was lonely and depressing for me at home and I really needed somebody to replace that void. So, we decided to get a puppy and she is so much fun and requires so much attention that I haven't had time to dwell on our disaster situation of trying to have a baby. Don't get me wrong, it is not all rainbows and sunshine over here, she has peed all over our house, she barks at us to get us to play with her, she bites us instead of her chew toys, and cries when we put her in her crate but she likes to snuggle and sleeps on my lap all the time and follows us everywhere. I am totally putting all of my pent up maternal love into this dog but who cares?! It makes me feel good and the dog eats it up, and I'm doing my best not to spoil her rotten because we will need her to be well behaved when she's older but for right now she is absolutely my baby.

So that is our big news! That and the IUI tomorrow of course! I'm actually pretty nervous about it, mostly because I HATE the speculum (but really who doesn't?!) but I'm also panicking a little that they will inseminate me with the wrong sperm. I know the odds of that happening are a million to one, but it could happen. The other thing that I'm not thrilled about is the fact that I only had one follicle mature this month. I had a lot of little ones in both ovaries but only one 20 mm one in my right ovary. It is my right ovary's turn to ovulate but I'm bummed that it only has one follicle. I'm going to stick with the clomid though because I had better results on it last month when I had 3 mature follicles so hopefully we'll get those results again next month. Maybe my right ovary is just a little less productive than my left one. I am also a little disappointed in my one follicle because I can't help but feel that we would have a better shot at getting pregnant if I had more, but it only takes one sperm and one egg so I should really relax. Come on guys, just one sperm and one egg! You can do it! Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck!! I have fingers crossed for you! And yes, it only takes 1! The IUI is so easy, I was nervous too but oddly enough it is so fast and not painful at all...just of course one of those awkward things. Makes me think of the movie PLan intimint moment with you, your hubby and Dr.! Good luck getting knocked up tomorrow!!!

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